Frequently asked questions and shipping guidelines for using our service
What makes you different from other shipping companies?
Simple Quotes | Our pricing is based on weights and dimensions, you don’t have to provide any special freight codes
Competing Shippers | We sort through licensed carriers to get you the best rate
Supportive Staff | Our experts are here to help guide you through the process and even review your packaging for maximum safety.
How do you commit to your clients?

We are more than just a trucking company. Most carriers only have one transport network to use and you are stuck accepting their rates. We have over 20 networks from which to choose the best rates and service for our customers, so you end up getting the best deal without having to shop around on multiple websites. We do all this behind the scenes through technology and present you with a simple, one-rate solution. We take the hassle out of shopping for freight.

In addition, we offer custom solutions for every company. For example, instead of having to track every shipment yourself, we can provide an interactive (shared) document from which both of our teams can work. This saves time and provides our clients with instant updates.

What services do you offer?

We simply offer LTL ground truck freight in the contiguous US. By specializing in one service we can provide lower rates and better support than our competitors. “Freight Made Simple” is our part of our promise to you.

What is proper packaging?

Simply said, your freight must be packaged to withstand the normal hazards of transportation. This is to help protect your freight and you from any loss.

One of the most secure methods of packaging freight is with a complete crate so that the product is protectted on all sides. This is of course one of the more time consuming and costly methods.

A very common and cost effective method is to palletize the freight and wrap it with protective cardboard, stretch wrap or other securing method. It’s important to remember that any type of freight loaded onto a pallet, also needs to be secured to the pallet in some way so that the freight doesn’t slide off the pallet during transport.

How reliable is your company?

We have been in business since 1994. Check our reviews here on Trust Pilot,

When do I pay for my shipment?

After booking your shipment we will review your order and confirm the shipment by sending the final invoice for payment. Once payment is complete, we will send the BOL (Bill of Lading) in pdf format. You will print this document and then tape one copy to each unit of freight.

What products do you ship?

We specialize in motorcycle and powersports freight, including bicycles, Ebikes, go karts, etc. It must all be properly packaged for safety and security. Please contact us if you have questions.

Items that we cannot ship:

Hazardous Materials

Infectious substances
Hazardous waste
Liquefied gas
Metallic mercury (quicksilver)
Poison inhalation hazards
Radioactive materials, isotopes, or articles that are highway-route controlled

Prohibited or Restricted Articles

Cadavers and/or bodily fluid
Controlled substances (Title 21, USC)
E-juice (or e-liquid)
Electronic cigarettes, devices and their related components
Firearms and ammunition
Fireworks and pyrotechnics
Fresh fruitĀ or produce
Human or animal waste
Live plants
Marijuana, includes hemp plants, leaves, and oil
CBD oils or other products that contain THC
Synthetic cannabinoids
Scrap tires

Extraordinary Value

Bank bills
Credit cards
Jewelry – Excludes costume or novelty jewelry
Original works of art
Postage stamps
Precious metals and stones
Museum articles or articles of antiquity
Valuable papers of any kind

Will the driver call before arrival?

If the location is a business, the dispatcher may call before arrival, but in normal cases they do not. We assume that the business is open during normal business hours (8-5 Mon-Fri) and will make the pick up or delivery according to that schedule.

If the location is a residence, we will request that the dispatcher call prior to arrival. Please make sure that the contact information you provide is accurate and that someone can be available to take deliveries 8-5 Mon-Fri.

Is package size important?

Very important. It will drive the cost and ability for us to handle your freight. Please be accurate when you enter the dimensions of your freight and be sure to measure the entire size, including the pallet or packaging.

How should I get in touch?

The best way to reach us is by phone at (800) 730-3151.

GUIDELINESRules for all shipments:

Simply said, your freight must be packaged to withstand the normal hazards of transportation. This is to help protect your freight and you from any loss. Crate it or palletize your shipment at the very minimum so that it can be moved using a pallet jack and forklift.
Simple right? Pack and secure your freight before you place your order with us. Once an order is booked, it may not be possible to make changes.
Use Accurate Weight and Dimensions
Freight Up we are Straight Up. If we have confirmed a shipment, we will only bill you the amount you were quoted for the weights and dimensions that you provided. If the information you provided us with is inaccurate, additional fees may apply. Please be Straight Up with us so we can best serve you.
Again.. this is simple right? Please be sure you provide us with the correct address and contact information for your shipment, before you book the order. Asking for changes after you have placed the order certainly can and most likely will impact our ability to provide quick service. It may also pack additional fees. We don't want to charge you any more than you expect, please help us help you.
We want to deliver your shipment as quickly as possible so please help us by giving us good contact information. If your freight is held up at one of the terminals, storage fees might apply.
Special Requests
Our online quoting and booking system is designed for what we specialize in only, Economy US Ground Freight. If you have need special services that you don't see listed in our Quick Quote calculator please contact us before booking your shipment.